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(Stick Ninjas) - Chapter 7 by Busterthefox (Stick Ninjas) - Chapter 7 :iconbusterthefox:Busterthefox 0 5 (Stick Ninjas) - Chapter 6 by Busterthefox (Stick Ninjas) - Chapter 6 :iconbusterthefox:Busterthefox 0 2 (Stick Ninjas) - Chapter 5 by Busterthefox (Stick Ninjas) - Chapter 5 :iconbusterthefox:Busterthefox 0 3
Buster's Adventures 5 - Publicity
Buster got a ride home from his parents that night. Luckily, Rose had thought to inform them when she and Rocky had left; Buster's father didn't take well to sudden requests. As it stood, he had bought Buster some dinner instead of taking him straight home. A sign he wasn't angry, Buster thought. He still hadn't quite figured his father out after all these years.
When Buster walked into the apartment, he found Rocky doing the dishes. When he caught sight of Buster, he turned the water off and turned to him.
“So... How'd it go?” he asked carefully.
“W-Well, she obviously knows,” Buster replied, “but she seems kinda spacey. I get the feeling no one would believe her if she told anyone.”
“Mmm... That's good, I guess...” Rocky replied. He had to be cautious around this subject since Buster tended to be sensitive to talking about it. So far, only his immediate family members and most of the kids at his old school knew about his power. As long
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Buster's Adventures 4 - Scary Encounter
“Uh, I'd like three hot dogs, please,” Rocky told the cashier. He slowly made his way back through the swath of hungry people to the outdoors picnic table that Buster and Rose were sitting at.
Buster's mouth watered and his eyes glazed over as he endured the torturous wait for the seasoned meat. As soon as Rocky set down the tray, Buster grabbed a hot dog and took a huge bite.
“Buster! Mind your manners, much? Geez,” Rose commented upon seeing Buster's terrible table manners.
Buster held up a finger as he chewed and swallowed his bite. After he had done so, “Whatever, I'm hungry. You know I don't--”
“Dear Lord...” Rocky and Rose had their eyes closed and were holding hands. They had ignored him and started praying over their food. “...and please help it not to be poisonous to anybody...” Rocky continued, emphasizing the word at Buster. “...and help us to have a great day at the barbeque today. Amen.” Buster quickly
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Buster's Adventures 3 - A Day Alone
Buster woke up on his mattress on the floor. One problem with these beds everyone slept in? They were so comfy that one never wanted to get out of them in the morning. The hammock in his old tree hollow wasn't comfy, but at least he was usually up within a few hours of sunrise. A stiff back was nothing a little exercise couldn't help with.
Resentful of the bed's secret evil, he tossed off his warm blanket and let the cold of the day hit him. He went to grab his water bottle so he could take his “shower”, but found it to be empty. Then he realized that he and his bed were wet. Oops. It must have finally sprung a leak. Buster used his power to dry himself, his bed, and the floor, keeping the water hovering in front of him. For a while he pondered what to do with it since his bottle was no good, but soon decided to take his shower, drop the impurities out the window, and then absorb what water he could to keep himself hydrated using his power. It was sure a lot quicker than dr
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Buster's Adventures 2 - The First Day
The next morning, Buster was awoken by a somewhat loud slamming noise. He began panicking for a second at his surroundings before realizing that he was in Rocky's apartment. No, that wasn't right. The apartment was both of theirs now.
The sound of footsteps down the hallway registered in Buster's ears for the first time since waking up, and he suddenly became wary again, only to once again realize that it must be only his brother. The door to his room opened suddenly, shocking him into an upright position. Rocky poked his head into the doorway.
“Man, you're still in bed?” Rocky asked incredulously. “It's already three o'clock!”
“Time means nothing to me, remember? All I know is dawn, dusk, day and night,” Buster replied, still recovering from his earlier shock.
“Well, you're going to have to get used to using clocks again if you're gonna live in society. Some people are very exact about timing. I know, it's weird.”
“Society in gener
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Terra the Ghost Girl - Chapter Five
Chapter Five
I woke up with a start in a hospital bed. I didn't know where I was at first, and confusion swept over me. Just as I was about to become frantic, I heard a voice that calmed my nerves somewhat.
"Oh, thank goodness you're awake," my mother said. She was sitting to the left of the bed in a small chair. She slowly reached down and grabbed my hand. "How are you feeling, sweetie?"
"What... happened?" I asked, my mind foggy. But I hadn't forgotten what happened; I just didn't want to believe it had been real.
Suddenly, another voice came from the other side of the bed. "You just passed out all of a sudden at lunch yesterday. We were all so worried."
Startled, I quickly looked to my right. Sitting in a chair across from Mom was none other than Rosa. My eyes grew wild, but I managed to keep my panic in check as I attempted to assess the situation. She seemed to be back to her normal self. I looked back at my mom, just to make sure that time was still moving. Slowly, I turned to fa
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Terra the Ghost Girl - Chapter Four
Chapter Four
My mom ended up taking me out to an early dinner instead of taking me home (Probably trying to butter me up so I would go to the fair with her), so I had forgotten to take up my conversation with Terra again when I got home. It wasn't until I got a text from Rosa on Saturday that I remembered. It read, "Sorry I missed u at lunch yesterday! had 2 go home early to help with my parents business. c u on monday!". What a relief, she wasn't dead! I texted back, "no prob, c u then!", and put my phone down on the desk.
"So, Terra, where were we again?"
Terra had been behind me, watching me surf the web, looking at funny pictures, checking status updates and the like. She suddenly perked up when she realized I was talking to her. Apparently she had forgotten about our conversation as well.
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"When we left off yesterday. You aren't officially forgiven yet, you know."
To be perfectly honest, no matter what she did, I couldn't stay mad at Terra for long. After a
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Terra the Ghost Girl - Chapter Three
Chapter Three
The next day, as I was walking to school, I heard Terra's voice:
...I'm sorry, Izzy.
It's a bit late for that, I thought back.
I... I don't know what came over me. I'm truly sorry... I won't do it again.
Even before Rosa, I would've been mad if you had ever affected me like that. We were already on bad terms, didn't you realize that? Just what is the goal you have in mind for all of this?
I was exasperated. I was no longer feeling angry. Right now, I just wanted to know why.
Terra was silent for a while. I gave her some time to think about what she was going to say.
I... I don't know... But I just don't like seeing you getting so friendly with another girl!
Yeah, I get that you're jealous of her. And I really don't care.
Terra stopped talking to me for a while. I made it to school before she said anything else, and that meant that she must have been finished speaking. School is what I called the "Ghost-Free Safe Zone of Purity", sometimes with "and Enlightenment" tacked o
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Terra the Ghost Girl - Chapter Two
Chapter Two
The next day during Science class, one of my friends, James, passed me a note underneath the desk:
"MeeT aT wATeR fouNTAin AfTeR skooL"
Despite my friend's strange use of capital and lower-case letters, I caught his attention and nodded once.
After class was the moment I'd been waiting for all day: Lunch break. Most kids look forward to lunch anyway since it's their one time to take a breather from classes, but it meant a lot more for me today. Because today, I was having lunch with Rosa, the beautiful blonde I had met yesterday.
As soon as the bell rang, I made a beeline out of the classroom. I quickly exchanged my Science book for my brown bag lunch and headed towards the cafeteria.
I was obviously a bit too excited, because I was one of the first kids to arrive. I waited by the door for a while, looking conspicuous, until finally, my little blonde rose arrived. After she waved and approached me, we smiled at each other and entered the buffet line together.
Lunch went by
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Terra the Ghost Girl - Chapter One
Quick (Important) author's note in the description...
This was impossible. It simply couldn't be happening.
I was on the floor, staring wide-eyed at the fantastical scene taking place before me. An empty soda can was suspended in the air. It was flying around in slow circles, all on its own. Surely it had to be on some kind of string or wire, right...?
Yet here I was, on the ground in my room at three O'clock in the afternoon, with nobody else home, watching a soda can fly on its own.
I stuttered trying to get a word out, but failed miserably. The best I could get out at any one time was a bunch of "Wha-wha-wha"s. I'm not even sure what I was trying to say. Maybe something like, "What is this?", or, "Who are you?". I couldn't decide which question to ask first. Was I even trying to ask a question? My mind was so confused I wouldn't have known how to respond, even if something had spoken to me.
Izzy? You can hear me, right Izzy? I heard the voice in my mind. Somehow, 'speak of the devil
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(Stick Ninjas) - Chapter 4 by Busterthefox (Stick Ninjas) - Chapter 4 :iconbusterthefox:Busterthefox 0 5 (Stick Ninjas) - Chapter 3 by Busterthefox (Stick Ninjas) - Chapter 3 :iconbusterthefox:Busterthefox 0 4 (Stick Ninjas) - Chapter 2 by Busterthefox (Stick Ninjas) - Chapter 2 :iconbusterthefox:Busterthefox 0 4 (Stick Ninjas) - Chapter 1 by Busterthefox (Stick Ninjas) - Chapter 1 :iconbusterthefox:Busterthefox 0 2


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In case anyone was wondering: I don't use dA anymore. I only ever come here to check on messages in case the one or two people I follow who are still active upload something. xD I still have my creative pursuits, but it's all in video making now. Search BusterTheFox on YouTube. :p

I also write music, I don't recall if I ever really went out of my way to say that. But yeah, I'm a musician. I play a decent number of instruments and stuff. But as with video, dA is not built to accept sound files. Honestly, I think this site more or less fills the void for traditional art while other sites fill the rest. Like, YouTube for video, SoundCloud for music, FictionPress for literature. Granted dA allows lit., but it's not BUILT for it; you can't upload any popular file formats, you have to paste in plain text, and if you want to format it, you have to know some kind of HTML tags. Last I tried, anyway. Perhaps they've updated it since then. But I don't care to check, haha. I don't write as much anymore. But I have been thinking more lately about some of my stories that I really liked. All of them are unfinished. Barring my first ever short story that I wrote in high school that became the basis for one of my in-progress stories. Even had a whole world fleshed out for a Pokémon fanfic. Had half of a preliminary short story done set in that world. Hit writer's block, and never went back to it. It's a shame, but I feel like my other hobbies take more priority. Which may be translated to, "I'm having more fun with other things", I guess. Which, when it comes to hobbies, especially being creative, I guess it's better to stick with what you enjoy most. I dunno, writing just feels weird to me sometimes. Like, you have to follow these very specific grammatical rules, and some people will REALLY get on your case if you publish a slight mistake. And then it's not always easy to tell when your writing is just bland, even when your spelling and grammar is spot-on.

I guess it's the same with video, though. I read some of my old journals prior to writing this, and saw that I thought that episode 2 of Vietnamese Crystal was amazing. While I did enjoy making those videos, and I want to continue that series again someday when I have less stuff going on in my channel, I look back at those now and see a cringe-fest, really. The video AND audio qualities are bad, my jokes are really typical and unoriginal for the most part, and I hadn't even nailed down how to do a proper intro and outro back then. Point is, I guess everything takes time to learn, but perhaps I enjoyed learning how to make videos more. Or maybe it's because nobody come into my video's comments telling me about the base-level errors I was making. There was this one person long ago who commented on the first chapter of my old Pokémon fanfic that I scrapped on FictionPress, and it was three paragraphs highlighting all of my errors, in a very, "I'm way smarter than you" manner, and then to add insult to injury, they slipped in a line at the end judging one of my character's actions in the chapter. Made me feel really inadequate as a writer. Like, I don't have a grasp on proper grammar AND I'm terrible at writing realistic characters? Gimme a break. That's stuck with me throughout the years, and maybe I really let it get to me. I always hear about horror stories of people quitting YouTube due to unfounded comment trolling and hate, but I've always thought that only happened to weaker people who expected immediate success. Perhaps it happened to me with my writing, though. I remember a time when I had the thought in my head that I wanted to be a writer for a living once. I haven't so much as written a paragraph of fictional text in years, although I do write "scripts" for my videos and the like pretty often.

This is interesting; nowadays, I usually write journal entries in a personal journal that I store on my computer. I write them in OpenOffice, and then I save them with the date on them. Never really thought about it before, but I used to journal like that all the time here on dA. Like this, I guess. Just so happens that I'm rambling about art since I'm here, lol. But all this thinking about writing and what made me stop has made me want to start writing again. Perhaps I could even include it in my videos to make it more interesting to work on; do dramatic readings or the like. I always thought that might be a cool thing to do. I've done videos in the past where I play games that I've made, and I feel like that was a fun thing to do. Hmm... Maybe I'll give it a try. Doesn't really belong on my gameplay channel, though. Then again, the new one I'm making is going to be about game reviews, so it might not belong there, either. But I feel like such a thing would be more at home there...

Just to remind myself, I'm going to try and list all the stories I had and which ones I'd be interested in writing again.

Terra (Formerly "Terra the Ghost Girl", but I think just "Terra" sounds better, lol). I really enjoyed writing this one. It's both a romance and a supernatural story, and both of those were totally new to me as a writer at the time. I guess that must be why I enjoyed writing it so much. I had a lot of it planned out, but a huge chunk of it is a huge void in my mind, and I honestly kind of like it that way. I like surprising myself and seeing what happens as I write it. Sometimes that sort of thing just happens! Like, I know what the climax is, but I'm not sure what the road to that looks like, nor the aftermath, exactly. There are a lot of possibilities, too. Heck, I have a SEQUEL idea in mind for it, too! Surely not my most fleshed out story in terms of the world building, but one of my favorites for sure.

Selos Freedom Fighters. I think I had a different name for this at some point, but I can't remember what it is. this was my first story, and my first world. It takes place in, basically, an alternate dimension. It's like modern da America, except it's called Selos, and the landmasses are different and such. But they have very different technology, because Magic exists in this world. It's actually a lot like what Final Fantasy XV is doing actually, how it's "a fantasy based on reality". It's still pretty different, though. In Selos, magic is just a commonplace thing, but it's used as the power for pretty much everything. You power your car using your own magical energy, weapons are powered by magic, assuming they even exist in most cases, and public schools teach magic classes the same as they teach math and language classes. By far my most fleshed-out world that I've created. I don't quite understand why I don't just restart the whole thing (I have two and a half chapters of it that I feel ended up too boring) and just get it done. I feel like that would be super easy to do. I have a bit of a plot in mind, too. Yeah, that's how deep my stupid lore is for this series, most of it is just the world, and hey, there's a story in there somewhere, too! XDDD LOL.

Buster's Adventures. Funnily enough, I started this so that I could write something carefree, and not have to work so hard on a story. But I stopped writing it because I started adding a story. HA! I got greedy and wanted a battle scene, but I'm a respectable enough writer that I didn't want to make a battle occur out of nowhere. And so the ideas started flowing, and I EXACTLY where the battle happens, who it's against, and why. The problem that made me stop writing? In the last chapter, Buster learned that there was a documentary about him painting him as a criminal, and that he was wanted by the police. So, I couldn't think of any good reason to get him to go outside the house!!! XD Realistically, he'd be too scared that he would get recognized by someone, so I had no real way of getting him to the battle scene! And up until now, the story has been mostly carefree, other than learning said things I mentioned above. I don't want to jump to something drastic like suddenly having him be kidnapped or something. Y-Y'know?! But yeah. I sometimes feel bad that I still have yet to give my namesake character his proper story. Someday.

Electrode Short Story. I think I had a name for this... Actually, I have old text files with notes about all my stories, let me look up this one's and see if I had settled on one!
...Nope! The only tentative idea I had was "The Electrode Who Spoke His Heart", and it came complete with an, "(Eh, something like this, but better)" note beside it.
Anyway, I like this story, because it's actually based on one of the coolest dreams I've ever had. Most of the beginning part was literally a dream I had one night where I dreamed I was an Electrode in a department store, and then it got attacked by terrorists, and I had to flee, but then it turned out I was the only one who knew what had happened, but I couldn't tell anyone. But then the next day I woke up as a human, all reverse-PMD style, and I told these random homeless girls who I lived with all about it. I think I woke up at that point, and I had to change a few details from the dream (hunger Games characters were involved, dreams are weird), but I have the entire thing nailed down and ready to go. I'm just stuck on the scene where Electrode becomes a human, because in the dream, I never had to explain how that happened, they just believed me, but I doubt it would be that easy realistically. So the last line I wrote in that was of one of the girls punching the now-human Electrode character and demanding where they took their Pokémon. xD Similar to the reason I stopped writing Buster's Adventures, I can't think of a believable way to exit the current situation! Haha.
If I ever come back to writing, and I don't have a particular preference for what story to write more of, this takes priority. It's a personal favorite among my ideas.

State of Panic. My "novel-length" Pokémon fanfic. Takes place in my own fan-made region that I created. I've put a considerable amount of effort into building that world. I have an entire map of the region that I made in Paint right here on dA in fact. xD It's nothing special, but it shows where everything is. I know what all the towns look like, where all the gyms are, and have a bit of a story behind each of the landmarks, too. As for the story itself, it takes heavy inspiration from the Gamecube Pokemon games, as it involves Shadow Pokemon. At first, I had even brought back Cipher as the main bad guys, but decided that was a bit too much, so I changed the evil group. I think I ended up naming them Neo? Because their goal is to change the whole system of Gym Leaders and the Elite Four and such, because they believe it's corrupt and abusive or something. It's been years since I wrote the details. But I ended up coming up with a VERY good motivation for the Big Bad's actions. Once you hear his story, you might even think he's right. :p Maybe. A lot fo the characters are interconnected in this story I've built, and I really like that about it. They're also all very unique from each other. The main protagonist is a 15-year-old with a special power he doesn't know how to control yet, whose home and family is suddenly destroyed at the beginning. Then there's a young Interpol agent who gets stuck with Ian while investigating the actions of the Neo group. There's also an older small-town boy who debuts by swooping into a Pokemon Arena mid-battle on a Tropius. So yeah, there's a lot of variety there. This story has been a long time in the making, and a lot of ideas for characters that didn't fit elsewhere have occasionally ended up being included as part of this story. there are a LOT of characters, actually, now that I think about it.

An unnamed story about a young adult who comes back from the dead. A guy in his early 20's wakes up on the ground in a graveyard, and his last memory was of him dying. The story would revolve around him dealing with the aftermath, and trying to figure out what he's meant to do with his second chance. I started writing this completely on a whim one night as I sat around daydreaming this up, and thought it was really interesting, so I just started writing. Another one with a lot of potential. But might not ever go back to it, honestly. I mean, I totally would, though! But I didn't bother to think up new names for the characters, and I don't want to go out of my way to change all of that to avoid referencing real people. xD

Wow, gosh. Sorry. Look at all those words. Haven't typed this much in one sitting in years. Seriously! I know I'm prone to do this sort of thing. Did you actually read this far? You must either take a real fancy to the inner working of how a creative person thinks, or you're a true friend. :p I think I'll take the rest of my thoughts to that previously-mentioned locally-stored journal. I'm mostly out of stories to talk about now, anyway. I DO have one about a guy who was wrongfully convicted and spent years in prison, but then a huge prison break happens, and he's the only one who stayed. But I never wrote anything for that other than basic ideas for the plot and such. It could be good, though. The main antagonist is the only other prisoner who didn't escape, but only because he's the baddest one, and he was in solitary confinement at the time of the break. It's a very good contrast of characters, and has a lot of potential to stir up trouble.

Anyway, I'm done here! Imagine if I had spent all this time writing an actual story instead of what I would do if I were writing a story. But that would take a lot more thinking and effort. Ha!

Will likely never journal here again, though. I'll keep checking up now and then to see what new comic pages have been released and stuff!


Busterthefox's Profile Picture
Daniel Dawson
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello! You can call me Buster. :3

I am an American human male. Yup. My fursona is an anthropomorphic water fox. He can control water, ice and snow. But not steam. There's a reason for that, but it's a bit much to explain here...

As an artist, I'm more into music. Music is my calling; it's what I see myself doing for the rest of my working life. But I also have a talent for writing, so I do that sometimes, too.

I also make video games. Refer to my website link below to check it out. I have a few screenshots for my latest demos, even if you don't feel like playing them. Games are considered art by most people too, right? :D


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Arrowfoot Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
I really liked Stick Adventure. There were several lines in it that made me chuckle, and it was fun to play through. I actually wasn't as interested in Umbrage, but it was still cool. ^_^ Definitely let me know when you have more demos done!
Busterthefox Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:D I actually just got done applying a huge update to Stick Adventure (because I'm gonna record a video of it soon, so I wanted it to be at its best). That'll be online very soon! Yeah, there's still not a lot done on Umbrage. It'll probably seem more interesting once I get more of the story in it and you can access more Abilities.
Did you play them online, or did you install Stagecast? :3
Arrowfoot Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
Online. And yeah, I feel like when you're so limited on graphics, the story/dialogue is what really makes the game come alive. Stick Adventure sort of poked fun at itself and its characters, while Umbrage was pretty much, "Here's what happened, now go fight some monsters." But glad to hear there's an update to Stick Adventure on the way! I shall await it eagerly. ^_^
Busterthefox Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, I'm not totally limited on graphics, I just suck at it entirely, so I stick with stick people most of the time. xp

Yeah, the humor is one of the staples of the Stick Adventure games. Umbrage, on the other hand, takes itself very seriously. There may be a joke here and there, but all the usual kind of serious-fantasy humor where it's actually not all that funny. Lol.

By the way, update's done:
I tested it thoroughly to make sure it all worked. Please let me know if you find any bugs in it, though!
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Arrowfoot Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
Hey, I know I haven't been on here much. But I happened to pop on and see that it's your birthday today, at least as far as deviantArt is concerned. So happy birthday! ^_^ 
Busterthefox Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yup, I have my birthday properly set up here. xD Thank you!
waveguidemarshtomp Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
Hi Buster! I've seen you commenting a lot on Arrowfoot's work, and I wondered if you remember me. ^-^ I don't think we talked to each other much back at Poketto, though.
Busterthefox Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I remember! Back then you used to be waveguidesquirtle. XD Weren't you the admin there?
waveguidemarshtomp Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
Yep! It's been a while! :D
xSukai Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011
Happy Christmas Eve and Happy Christmas, Buster! I hope you have a good one.
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