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I beat Phoenix Wright 5. Oh man, that was the craziest ending yet! I'm about to buy the DLC episode and play that. I wonder if all the new entries in the series will be AA5 DLC until the 3DS becomes obsolete? Well, despite the game having been out for a while now, there's still only two DLC items. You'd think they would have come out with at least another costume pack by now. I dunno.

I've been getting into Magic the Gathering lately. I know, just like everyone else. Lol. It's a fun game! And while we're on the topic of cards, I did indeed restart my pokemon collection with the X and Y set. I've had really strange luck with the packs I got so far. I have three Yvetal cards, plus I got two Honedge and one of both Doublade and Aegislash. Now I just need to hope a Steel-type theme deck comes out so I can get the steel energies I need to actually use them... ...!! Actually, the Froakie pre-release deck that I got uses steel-types! We're in business, everyone. It even has a few Honedge cards in it! It's lucky I got all three of the pre-release starter decks. I have a massive collection otherwise, but I just want to start over, you know? Anyone who's played the Game Boy Pokemon TCG game would hopefully understand how exciting it can be to collect the cards and slowly make you starting deck better and better. On that note, all the Kalos Starter theme decks are super weak. xD So, I bought the Resilient Life deck that had Xerneas as the "Mascot". I haven't played it yet, but from looking through the deck I can tell it's built for synergy between all the Fairy-Types. Perhaps the secondary type won't perform well. If not, then I know which type to replace it with. ;) A Fairy-Steel deck... that sounds like it would be fun to play! Fairy could cover for Steel's weakness, at least. And...hmm...looks like fairies are weak to steel and resistant to dark. And steels are weak to fire and resistant to psychic? Meh. Yet another way my video game knowledge doesn't translate over well to the TCG. As it stands, psychic is the secondary type, but it runs them as Poison pokemon, for example, Scolipede. So, they are also weak to psychic... but then, there are ghost-types in here, too... Man, you could easily run a ghost-poison-psychic deck in the TCG and it would be considered mono-type. If you ran some water and ice types with it using water as well as a few normal types to support, you would have pretty decent weakness coverage with only two types in your deck. Maybe I should try that sometime.

I've been playing Minecraft like crazy. If anyone wants to join my server or anything, let me know. We'll build random stuff!

EDIT: Quick note, as this doesn't warrant a new journal entry: I'm temporarily taking down the two chapters of my story, "Terra the Ghost Girl". I recently started working on it again, and I've updated those chapters a little bit with typo fixes and other little things like re-wording a few awkward sentences. They'll be back later! Though I'm not sure the story was ever so popular. I like it. :p Haha!
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Daniel Dawson
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United States
Hello! You can call me Buster. :3

I am an American human male. Yup. My fursona is an anthropomorphic water fox. He can control water, ice and snow. But not steam. There's a reason for that, but it's a bit much to explain here...

As an artist, I'm more into music. Music is my calling; it's what I see myself doing for the rest of my working life. But I also have a talent for writing, so I do that sometimes, too.

I also make video games. Refer to my website link below to check it out. I have a few screenshots for my latest demos, even if you don't feel like playing them. Games are considered art by most people too, right? :D

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I really liked Stick Adventure. There were several lines in it that made me chuckle, and it was fun to play through. I actually wasn't as interested in Umbrage, but it was still cool. ^_^ Definitely let me know when you have more demos done!
Busterthefox Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:D I actually just got done applying a huge update to Stick Adventure (because I'm gonna record a video of it soon, so I wanted it to be at its best). That'll be online very soon! Yeah, there's still not a lot done on Umbrage. It'll probably seem more interesting once I get more of the story in it and you can access more Abilities.
Did you play them online, or did you install Stagecast? :3
Online. And yeah, I feel like when you're so limited on graphics, the story/dialogue is what really makes the game come alive. Stick Adventure sort of poked fun at itself and its characters, while Umbrage was pretty much, "Here's what happened, now go fight some monsters." But glad to hear there's an update to Stick Adventure on the way! I shall await it eagerly. ^_^
Busterthefox Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, I'm not totally limited on graphics, I just suck at it entirely, so I stick with stick people most of the time. xp

Yeah, the humor is one of the staples of the Stick Adventure games. Umbrage, on the other hand, takes itself very seriously. There may be a joke here and there, but all the usual kind of serious-fantasy humor where it's actually not all that funny. Lol.

By the way, update's done:
I tested it thoroughly to make sure it all worked. Please let me know if you find any bugs in it, though!
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Hey, I know I haven't been on here much. But I happened to pop on and see that it's your birthday today, at least as far as deviantArt is concerned. So happy birthday! ^_^ 
Busterthefox Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yup, I have my birthday properly set up here. xD Thank you!
Hi Buster! I've seen you commenting a lot on Arrowfoot's work, and I wondered if you remember me. ^-^ I don't think we talked to each other much back at Poketto, though.
Busterthefox Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I remember! Back then you used to be waveguidesquirtle. XD Weren't you the admin there?
Yep! It's been a while! :D
xSukai Dec 24, 2011
Happy Christmas Eve and Happy Christmas, Buster! I hope you have a good one.
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