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I know I've all but abandoned my dA account at this point, but I had to stop by today to get rid of some old stories... Namely, the first two chapters of "Selos Freedom Fighters" and the short story, "The Yielded".

I'm doing this because of a few reasons:
1. I'm going to re-write the story from scratch. In my mind, I see it sort of as a "reboot" of the series rather than just a slightly different sequel to the short story.
2. I never liked having the very first story I've ever seriously written be part of the canon. Since it's the first world and set of characters I've ever created, I hold this story pretty close to my heart. I want to give it the touch-ups it deserves (I originally wrote the short story in my second year of high school, and it had a lot of silly mistakes).
3. I'm finally going to hunker down and try to complete a novel-length story. When I finish it, I fully intend to get it published ASAP. 
3a. That said, I'm not sure it would be a good idea to post the whole thing online for free... So I won't be uploading the new version here (Nor at FictionPress. Sorry! Hey, if I do get published, I'll try to send you a free copy! xD).

So that's about it. If and when I get Selos Freedom fighters published, I'll probably resume work on Terra the Ghost Girl. Unless the book becomes a megahit, and I'm practically forced to write the nest Selos novel immediately, but let's forget I said that, I need to keep my head out of the clouds. :p I'm not expecting to be the next Twilight or Hunger Games, I'd just like to make a living by doing something I love! :3

Thanks for reading. I've got myself scheduled to make sure I write some of the story daily, so I hope I can finish it quickly. :)
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Buster got a ride home from his parents that night. Luckily, Rose had thought to inform them when she and Rocky had left; Buster's father didn't take well to sudden requests. As it stood, he had bought Buster some dinner instead of taking him straight home. A sign he wasn't angry, Buster thought. He still hadn't quite figured his father out after all these years.
When Buster walked into the apartment, he found Rocky doing the dishes. When he caught sight of Buster, he turned the water off and turned to him.
“So... How'd it go?” he asked carefully.
“W-Well, she obviously knows,” Buster replied, “but she seems kinda spacey. I get the feeling no one would believe her if she told anyone.”
“Mmm... That's good, I guess...” Rocky replied. He had to be cautious around this subject since Buster tended to be sensitive to talking about it. So far, only his immediate family members and most of the kids at his old school knew about his power. As long as Rocky was tactful with what he said though, he probably wouldn't have a problem.
“Hey, you don't need to do that...” Buster said, gesturing to the sink full of dirty dishes.
“No, it's fine. You had a rough day, so...”
“No, I mean, you literally don't have to. I can do it much faster.”
“H-Huh? I guess I'm not the best dishwasher out there, but I don't suck that badly...”
Buster sighed and shook his head. “You know who I am, right? Move over.” Buster pushed Rocky away from the sink and turned on the water. He began manipulating it into a small sphere, then turned the faucet back off. He then got some dish soap out of the bottle with his power in the same way. He then began wiping down each dish with one clean stroke each, leaving them squeaky clean. He had the job done in about a minute.
“See?” Buster said. “This is how I used to wash my stuff back in the forest. It's a lot easier to make sure it's sanitized with the soap, though.” He grinned.
“...Ah.” Rocky couldn't think of much else to say. He felt kinda stupid for not realizing it earlier.
“Just FYI, I can do laundry too, but I can't really say I've ever had to do mass loads before. Might give it a try sometime, though.”
“O-Okay. Well, I guess I'll leave the dishes to you, then. If you're okay with it, that is.”
“It's cool. I don't have much to do around here during the day. Other than watch TV. I don't feel very comfortable going outside the house, but... I can tell you from experience that there's definitely a lot more to do out there.” Buster paused for a moment. “Oh, I guess there's your computer too, but I don't really know how to use that very well...”
“Well, all you've gotta do is put in the password and then click on the icon. After that, you just...” Rocky continued speaking in some kind of technical jargon that he could not comprehend. Not wanting to be outdone, Buster pretended to understand.

The next morning, Buster tried getting ready like a regular person for a change. He took a real shower and brushed his teeth. He found it to be comparatively boring and time-consuming. Although it was easy to get hot water out of the shower, and there was a certain soothing sensation about having it constantly pour down on you at high pressure.
Today Rocky hadn't left anything specific in the fridge for him, and all the fried chicken from a few nights ago was gone by now. Nonetheless, he was able to scrounge something up out of a big box. He hadn't seen pizza in a long time, but what teenager would ever forget about it? Even though I'm eighteen, so I'm technically not a minor, but the number still has 'teen' in it, so...
He flopped down on the couch preparing to watch TV. He began scrolling through the available channels looking for something interesting to watch. Ragin' Roosters, The Jersey (Buster skipped this one before reading the whole title), Stories from a Killer, Legend of the Blue Drop, Jewelery Marketplace, PAYED PROGRAMMING, World War 2: The After Years--
Buster scrolled up quickly and tried his hardest not to panic. Legend of the Blue Drop. He read the summary: “Documentary: A high school boy uses what experts are calling “super powers” to flood his school. Rumors abound regarding this mysterious subject. Released 2012”
As he read the summary, Buster's heart dropped straight into his stomach, and he began to feel sick. Out of sheer impulse, he selected the program and it began playing. He had to know what it said.
Om the screen was a high school-age guy. His head was wrapped in gauze, he had a black eye, and he was laying in a hospital bed. Buster couldn't quite recognize him.
“It was crazy, man,” the boy on the screen was saying. “Outta like, nowhere, the guy just snapped and went crazy. I mean, he was weird anyway, but we didn't even do anything to him!”
“Did you think he intended to harm anyone, Casey?” said another voice from behind the camera.
Buster's eyes grew wide. Casey! That was the twelfth grader who bullied him all the time! He and his buddies would always ridicule him and hit him and call him names because of what he could do.
“Oh, for sure,” Casey replied. “The dude was just rampaging. I don't think he had anything else on his mind at the time.”
Buster stood up and began yelling at the television set. “You're a damn liar, Casey!!” He screamed. “It was nobody's fault but yourself!! Why don't you tell them what really happened!?”
Next on the screen was another girl from his high school whom Buster barely recognized. He didn't talk to her much, but he at least knew her name.
“Yeah, we've all taken to calling him the Blue Drop,” the girl, Ashley, told the camera. “That's because he has blue fur, and he controls water. He said it was naturally blue, but come on, he must have been dying it. I'll tell you one thing, he was pretty dedicated to go through the trouble of dying his entire body blue!”
A picture of Buster flashed on the screen. It was very slowly rotating and getting closer to the camera. It wasn't one of his better pictures; he was looking at the camera out of the corner of his eyes, looking annoyed, with a book in front of him.
“A dedicated personality. An immature adolescent mind. And a power beyond his control,” the narrator said darkly. “Add in supposed bullying at school and a fractured home life, and it was a recipe... for disaster.”
“Oh, so you know about the bullying after all, huh?” Buster asked. “Bet you don't know who was bullying me, though! Bet Casey told 'em it was someone else! And, fractured home life? Where in blue blazes did they get that from?”
A shaky video played, showing a schoolyard being flooded, many pipes large and small sticking out of the severely-cracked concrete. Kids screamed and ran for the closest way out. And in the center of it, rising above the scene, was Buster. Somehow in that moment, he had made himself levitate by manipulating the water in his own body. He had tried and failed many times to replicate the result since.
The screen cut away to an older gentleman, the school's superintendent. “My take on this whole situation is a very black and white one,” the man said sternly. “We do not take incidents like this lightly. Buster injured five children that day, and destroyed a lot of school property.” The camera cut to a close-up of the superintendent's face. “And, yes, I would consider this a direct act of aggression. In fact, I would easily lump it in the same boat with school shootings.”
Buster turned off the TV. 'A recipe for disaster'... that's what this documentary was. They had the facts all wrong. Why did they have to do everything in their power to paint him in a bad light?
Still, he had no idea he had sent kids to the hospital. He figured that, at best, he had destroyed the schoolyard and flooded the place. He couldn't remember the moment clearly through all the rage.
Buster began levitating his bottle of water in front of him and stared at it, contemplating his power. He shortly couldn't stand the sight of it, and nearly crushed it, but he held back and closed his eyes as he let it drop to the floor and roll under the couch. After all, that was his only water bottle right now. If he destroyed it, he wouldn't be able to fix it. Plastic wasn't made out of water, after all.

When Rocky got home, Buster explained to him the documentary he had seen.
“A documentary!?” Rocky had exclaimed. “I didn't know about anything like that!”
As Buster continued to describe what he had seen, Rocky grew slowly calmer.
“That's... pretty bad,” he said simply, his face serious.
“You're telling me,” Buster replied. “It's no wonder that Ai girl knew me. They had me in a video and everything.”
“Want me to call Mom and Dad? Maybe they were interviewed about it or something without telling me.”
“Yeah... good idea.”

“Hey, Dad. Me and Buster were wondering... did anyone ever try to talk to you guys about... uh, what happened at Buster's school?” The line remained silent for a long while. Then the boys heard a sigh come from the speaker.
“Well, Rocky, I would rather not say anything about that... I don't want Buster to hear about it.
“Too late,” Buster said, “I just saw the documentary on TV today.”
Their father swore on the other side of the line. Then he sighed again. “How much did you see?”
“Everything. Well, enough, I guess.”
“What did you see!?”
“Okay, okay... I saw the kid who bullied me in the hospital... and I saw a video of myself. And... the principle saying that what is did was akin to a shooting rampage...” The line remained silent for a long while. “That's about it...” Buster concluded quietly.
After another long pause, Rocky broke the silence. “So, Dad... did anyone ever talk to you about it?”
“Yeah, yeah, some people tried to interview us for that stupid documentary,” Samson Lupo admitted. “Lot of newspapers, too. We declined to be interviewed, though, for all of them.”
“Why, then...” Buster began. “Why did you want me to come back home?”
“Mom and I figured that people must have forgotten about it by now, since a few years have gone by,” he said. “I'm surprised you were able to find it on live TV. What channel was it on, anyway?”
“Sorry... I wasn't paying attention.”
“Bah... Well if you ever remember, make sure you don't watch it anymore. Any channel that still plays that rubbish isn't worth watching.”
“You don't have to tell me twice.”
“Anyway, I honestly don't think it'll make much of a difference. You look a lot different than you did back then, aside from the, er, color. But I see kids with dyed fur all over the place these days, so it shouldn't stand out too much as long as you don't use your power in front of anyone.”
“Dad, the principal said it was like a shooting.”
“Don't listen to that! The whole of that documentary is lies, understand? You may have injured the kids who were bullying you, but it's not like you killed anyone. Besides, they recovered, and we even payed their hospital bills, so they would have to be really shallow people to still be holding a grudge after all these years.”
“I guess so... I do have one more question, though.”
“...Well, shoot. Spit it out!”
“...Am I wanted by the police?”
No response.
“Dad, please!”
“...Yeah. The cops were looking for you for a long time after you left for the woods. They eventually gave up the search, though. They told us you had probably died out there, or committed suicide. The case is considered solved in official police records. And you are presumed dead.”
“So that means I'm a fugitive, doesn't it?” He asked it as a question, but he already knew the answer.
“Just don't do anything to draw attention to yourself. Like I said, they think you're dead. Even if a cop thought they saw you, they probably wouldn't think it was you; and the police aren't trained to believe in zombies.”

Rocky looked over after hanging up the phone. “You okay, Buster?” He was staring at the floor.
“I just can't believe this...” Buster responded quietly.
“It'll be okay. Nobody's after you right now. You can just pretend like you never even saw it.”
“I don't know about that...”
“Well... I mean, Dad said they shouldn't be holding a grudge against you or anything. I would still try to avoid them if I were you, but I don't think you'll have to deal with anything. Just live life normally, but keep your powers hidden.”
“But it's too late for that, isn't it?”
“What? The documentary is years old--”
“No, no. I mean Ai. She knows about me.”
“But not for sure. You said it yourself; she's a space cadet.”
“That was before I knew how public it was...”
Rocky sighed in exasperation. “What does it take to satisfy you? Look, I'm telling you it'll be okay. Just chill out, get a good night's rest. I'll see you in the morning, alright? I have a day off tomorrow.” With that, he got up and left after waiting to see if Buster had anything left to say. Buster still felt rather anxious about what he had just learned, but he tried his best to calm himself to no avail.

Buster couldn't sleep, so later that night, he knocked on Rocky's door. He heard some shifting around in the room, so he waited. After a few minutes, a shirtless, mess-up haired Rocky appeared, his eyes squinting with bags underneath. He handed Buster a bottle of sleep medicine and closed the door.
Buster would have had an opinion on the medicines available in society, as he did for most other things he had encountered since he returned, but he was a bit too busy sleeping to think about that.
Buster's Adventures 5 - Publicity
Please note that some formatting has been lost due to deviantART not being friendly towards writers. If you don't mind the way it's presented using dA's options, great! If you would like to see the original text with formatting intact, please read the story on my FictionPress account here:…

Author's Notes!:

Phew! This turned out to be a long chapter. The contents got a little out of control, heh.
As for something to look forward to, I mostly made this chapter as a precursor to something I've been wanting to do for a long time now: writing a fight scene. Buster needs to get into a fight with these powers, am I right!? Maybe against someone else who has powers! I haven't quite figured that out yet, but expect some more action for the next few chapters. I hope to get this little story arc done quickly, though, because it's going to really cut down on the amount of comedy I can insert, haha. Plus, if I start taking it too far, it'll start turning into a superhero fic, and then I'd have to re-title the series “The Infallible Blue Drop” or something like that and sell the rights to Marvel, haha! So yeah, expect this arc to come to a close relatively quickly (Like, within three chapters, I predict), but not before a lot of action scenes!
In any case, I hope you enjoy the new chapter here, and I also hope you're looking forward to the next ones as well!

dA Note: No cover photos anymore, I ran out of ones to use. :,D Maybe I'll use them again later...
“Uh, I'd like three hot dogs, please,” Rocky told the cashier. He slowly made his way back through the swath of hungry people to the outdoors picnic table that Buster and Rose were sitting at.
Buster's mouth watered and his eyes glazed over as he endured the torturous wait for the seasoned meat. As soon as Rocky set down the tray, Buster grabbed a hot dog and took a huge bite.
“Buster! Mind your manners, much? Geez,” Rose commented upon seeing Buster's terrible table manners.
Buster held up a finger as he chewed and swallowed his bite. After he had done so, “Whatever, I'm hungry. You know I don't--”
“Dear Lord...” Rocky and Rose had their eyes closed and were holding hands. They had ignored him and started praying over their food. “...and please help it not to be poisonous to anybody...” Rocky continued, emphasizing the word at Buster. “...and help us to have a great day at the barbeque today. Amen.” Buster quickly closed and reopened his eyes as Rocky and Rose did as if he had been praying with them. Rose gave him a look that said that she knew he hadn't really, but Buster ignored her.
Today the trio had come to a fundraiser barbeque being held for the non-profit company Rocky and Buster's father worked for. It was being held at a local park. There weren't a whole bunch of people here, but when they were all gathered in one place like this (around the food), it sure felt like a bigger crowd.
Buster was getting thirsty, but there were so many people between him and the lemonade... He almost used his power, but quickly decided it wasn't worth the risk. He got up from the table and began making his way towards the refreshment. After having to wait in a short line, he started back towards his table when he heard a girl's voice behind him.
“Excuse me? Mr. blue fox dude?”
Buster spun around. Before him was a teenage, light-gray fox girl, a bit shorter than he was. Her round, blue eyes looked quizzical. “Yeah?” he asked.
“Well, um...” The girl paused for a moment. “This might sound a little weird, but I think I might know you. What's your name?”
Red alarms instantly blared within Buster's mind. He knew it, he knew it, he knew it! His blue fur was unnatural and it stood out. He knew he shouldn't have gone into public!
Quickly he thought of a response. “Well, uh, who do you think I am?”
The girl pouted a bit at having her question thrown back at her... or, wait. Was she actually smiling? “I think you might be a certain special someone...” she replied with a quick flick of her small, curved ears. She tucked her arms behind her back and lowered her eyes with a wicked-looking grin.
Buster blushed. “Wh-What do you mean, 'special someone'?”
“I've only ever heard rumors, but everyone at my school knows about the Blue Drop,” she said. “They say he flooded the entire campus of his school using his super powers!” The girl leaned closer, lowering her eyes more disturbingly. “Cool, right?”
Buster was clearly shaken by the girl's directness. He tried not to show it. “What this 'Blue Drop'? I've never heard of it. Some guy who skydives a lot or something? Listen, I gotta get back to my folks...” He began walking away as quickly as he could through the crowd, but the girl easily followed him.
“No silly, like a drop of water. They say he could bend water to his will! Like... a water bender! Maybe he's the avatar...”
“Er... that's crazy talk... nobody can do that.” He didn't sound too convincing. It had been a long time since he had lied. But he felt as if he needed to.
“But he did! What, you think it was an earthquake or something that ripped the pipes out of the ground?”
Memories flashed by in Buster's mind, repressed ones that stole him from reality for a few moments. “The interrogation's over,” he said forcefully, turning towards her. “Leave me alone!”
“Buster? What's up?” Rose said from the table behind him, sounding worried. Buster spun to look at her with a look of horror.
The girl slowly grinned. “I knew it was you, Buster...” she said equally slowly.
Rocky was the first to catch onto the situation. “Aw, crap...” he muttered silently.

“So, what's your name?”
Rose and the girl had hit it off. Rocky and Buster sat side-by-side, Buster only slightly more pale in comparison. They exchanged a look of discomfort as Rose spoke to the girl.
“My name's Ai, she replied. “Not as in, 'You and I', though. It's spelled A-I.”
“Ai? I've never heard that one before. What kind of name is it?”
“Japanese,” she said. “The dude who married my aunt was Japanese, but he died in a car accident soon after he married her. I guess my parents decided to give me a Japanese name in honor of him.”
“Oh, I see. I'm sorry.”
“Whatever,” Ai said with a smile.
“So, what does it mean? If you don't mind, that is.”
Ai let out an awkward laugh. “It's... a bit embarrassing...”
“That's alright! Nobody's forcing you,” Rose said quickly. “So how do you know Buster? I mean, I guess you must be old friends since he was living in the woods and all.”
Buster gave Rocky a look that only a brother could understand. DO. SOMETHING. ROCKY!!!
Rocky looked at Buster in kind. Th-There's nothing I can do, man...
“Whoa, living in the woods, huh? I had no idea...” Ai gave Buster another maniacal grin. His face flushed up immediately.
“You didn't know? He was there for two whole years! Right, Buster?”
He gave Rose an obvious cautionary look. SHUT. UP!!!
Somehow, Rose took the look as an affirmative to her question, smiled, and nodded at Ai.
“Yeah... sounds about right.” Ai replied. Buster's heart felt as if it was about to explode. Oh, come on! Now would be perfect timing if he were to just faint right now! He had to get out of this. No matter what she seemed to know, he just had to keep denying it. It didn't matter what she thought he was if she had no proof. For all she knew, he had dyed his fur. He felt a bead of sweat roll down his back. He quickly sucked it back in using his power. He had to at least try not to look nervous.
“Say, Buster,” Ai said suddenly, “who's the dude next to ya?”
“I-I'm Rocky,” said the suddenly surprised dude next to him.
“Believe it or not, these two are actually brothers,” Rose explained.
“For the love--” Buster cut himself off. What did he have to do to shut... her... UP!?
“Oh, really?” Ai sighed and leaned back, stretching her arms above her. “Sure is hot today. You look pretty sweaty, Rocky.”
Buster started to feel relieved. She had seemingly changed the subject... Gulp. There was that lowered-eyes grin again.
“But, Buster... you look dry as the desert. Guess you don't sweat easily... heehee.”
Rose looked at the sky looking slightly confused. “Hmm, I didn't think it was that hot today, but... Rocky, you do look pretty sweaty. Are you feeling alright?”
Buster chimed in, maybe a bit too quickly. “You know, yeah, you've seemed a bit out of it today. Maybe you guys should... go home early.”
Rocky stared surprised at Buster for a few seconds. But the glint in his eye showed that he had understood his brother. He had to get Rose away from here!
“Uh, Rocky?”
“O-Oh! Yeah. You know, I have been feeling kind of off all day. I think we should go.”
“Okay. Want me to drive, babe?”
“Naw, I-- Yipe!” Rocky yelped in surprise as Buster's foot drove into his heel. “Er, actually, I think that might be a good idea...” He handed the car keys to Rose. He gave Buster another quick look. You didn't have to hit me THAT hard!
Buster gave Rocky a look. I really don't care about that right now, sorry!
“Well, it was nice meeting you, Ai! Have fun with Buster!” Rose called as the duo left the park. Rocky shot one final glance towards Buster. Good luck!
Buster and Ai sat staring at each other for a few moments. Ai smiling with her eyes lowered, resting on her palms, Buster sitting straight and stiff. He was glad he finally had a moment to think a bit.
He began to get up. “Actually, they were my ride, too, so...”
“Where do you think you're going, Blue?” Somehow she had caught him by the shoulder. She pushed him down into the seat.
“What are you doing!? Why won't you go away~!”
“I'm not letting you escape until you show me your powers!”
“Like I said, you're crazy! I don't have any special powers! Quit your adolescent delusions of grandeur!”
“No way. I can sense it! You have powers! I know, because I have powers, too!”
“Wait... what? You have powers?”
“Yeah! Watch this!” Ai deftly pulled out a laser pointer and slipped it between her left index and middle fingers. She then pointed her fingers and laser at Buster, yelled, “Special Beam Cannon,” and pressed the button on the laser pointer with her thumb while making a buzzing sound, which was quickly cut off when she accidentally dropped the laser pointer because she had pushed too hard on the button.
“...Uhm...” Buster said, narrowing his eyes at the strange girl.
“W-Well, I wasn't planning to kill you anyway! I'll let you live this time! But be careful, because once I start my attack, I don't know my own power! I just might... kill you by accident! But if the stories I heard are true, then you're way strong! You won't have to worry about-- Ouch!” Buster had whacked the girl on the head.
“Yeah, you're delusional. Even if I admitted having powers to you, I don't think it would matter. Nobody would believe you anyway.”
“But they would have to once you showed them your power! Ouch,” Buster had whacked her again. “Stop that!!”
“And why would I do that? Who said I would want my power exposed to the world? I still don't have any, mind you.”
“But it's so cool! It would be totally awesome to do whatever you wanted with water like that! Why would you want to hide a cool power like that?”
Buster almost started yelling to her about the fallacy of that statement. His power was cool? More like dangerous. He hid it for a reason, after all. This girl obviously didn't know the full truth behind the matter at school that day. He hadn't done it to show off. He had wanted to forget all about it. That's why he had gone into the woods to begin with. Now that he had come back, he had hoped people had forgotten about him, but instead he seemed to have become some sort of a legend.
“Don't call me that.” Buster looked up. “I don't want to hear any more about it. I'm not as cool as you think I am... And,” he gestured towards the laser pointer, “aren't you a bit old for that kinda stuff?”
“Whatever.” Ai replied as she leaned back with a smile. “It's fun.”
The two stared at each other for another long while. Ai finally broke the silence.
“Well it's a shame, but I have to go now. My parents will be looking for me.” She got up and started walking away. Partway she stopped and turned back towards Buster. “I'll see you again... Blue Drop.” She winked and flipped her short, frilled skirt at him and she turned away for the last time. Buster quickly grabbed for a napkin as he realized his nose was bleeding.
Buster's Adventures 4 - Scary Encounter
Please note that some formatting has been lost due to deviantART not being friendly towards writers. If you don't mind the way it's presented using dA's options, great! If you would like to see the original text with formatting intact, please read the story on my FictionPress account here:…

Author's Notes!:

I made a new character. She wasn't supposed to cause so much mischief. I deeply apologize.
I'm sure some of you are wondering, and yes, Ai really is a real Japanese name, and, as I understand it, it translates to “love”, the romantic kind to be specific. I don't know if it takes on some other sort of meaning when used as a name, but I thought it was cute anyway, so I went with it. :3
I was surprised at how things just perfectly fell into place this chapter. As I created Ai's character, I thought of a few things that might have gone on in her past. As I did this, I thought about her age and where she would have been as far as her grade in school (I guess there's no reason to hide this; She's sixteen). Two years ago, when Buster wrecked his school, she would have been a freshman in high school. And of course, after an event like that, there was no doubt that rumors would spread quickly on a high school campus. Obviously people would know about the kid who supposedly controlled water, and he was easily recognizable by his blue fur after all. It would all sound crazy normally, though. I mean, a fox with blue fur who could control water at will? Whateeever. So I guess you could say he kind of became one of those local legends on campus, so to speak. I mean, it's a fact that the school was flooded with pipes ripped out of the ground and everything. It stands to reason that kids would talk about it.
So on top of Ai having heard the rumors, Rose, who also does not yet know of Buster's power, goes and unknowingly confirms a few too many things about Buster to Ai, pretty much setting in concrete the idea that Buster is this “Blue Drop” in her mind. But it might be okay, because she might be delusional... But then, she might also not be. It's hard to tell. I wonder what ever could come from this... >:)
Buster woke up on his mattress on the floor. One problem with these beds everyone slept in? They were so comfy that one never wanted to get out of them in the morning. The hammock in his old tree hollow wasn't comfy, but at least he was usually up within a few hours of sunrise. A stiff back was nothing a little exercise couldn't help with.
Resentful of the bed's secret evil, he tossed off his warm blanket and let the cold of the day hit him. He went to grab his water bottle so he could take his “shower”, but found it to be empty. Then he realized that he and his bed were wet. Oops. It must have finally sprung a leak. Buster used his power to dry himself, his bed, and the floor, keeping the water hovering in front of him. For a while he pondered what to do with it since his bottle was no good, but soon decided to take his shower, drop the impurities out the window, and then absorb what water he could to keep himself hydrated using his power. It was sure a lot quicker than drinking it. The rest was dropped out the window as well.
After quickly getting dressed in some of his new clothes, Buster left his room. It was quiet out here today; He wasn't sure what the norm was around here, but perhaps he had assumed Rocky would be up and waiting for him. He looked at the digital clock on the oven. 1:34. That meant it was already afternoon, so Rocky would have been up by now. Oh, right. He was probably at work. Buster was on his own today, it seemed.
Before anything else, Buster was hungry, so he opened the fridge and looked inside for something to eat. Inside was a packaged object with “Buster” written on it in marker. He hesitated for a bit, but then assumed it couldn't mean anything besides, “This is for you, Buster!”, so he took the package and closed the fridge as he opened it up. Inside was one of the biggest sandwiches he had ever seen. It was probably as big as the biggest fish he had ever caught in the forest. On that note, the lake had been small, and there probably weren't that many large fish in it. But, still. Huge sandwich! Huge sandwich equals good breakfast.
He sat down at the table and took a bite. Whaaaaa-!? This was...!! It couldn't be!!
The most delicious thing in the world!!!
He lifted the bun to check the sandwich's content. Melted cheese and bacon! But that was only the tip of the iceberg.
“TUNA!!!” Buster exclaimed on purpose for the comedic relief of whatever invisible people were watching him. Without further ado, he finished both halves of the sandwich very quickly.

“This has been... the most satisfying experience of my life,” Buster sighed to himself as he leaned back on the couch. He could forgive the bed now; the score was now even between society and the forest.
For a while, Buster lay in his reverie. However, soon enough he got bored of sitting around. To be quite honest, he had never had time to just sit around like this before. He had always had to catch himself food or gather firewood, or some other menial task required for his continued survival. In the first place, nothing was handed to him on a platter like this. If he wanted something new to wear, he had to make it himself out of animal skin or something like that. He had certainly craved a sandwich at some point while in the forest, but he didn't have any bread. He didn't even have access to wheat or anything like that. All he had were the fish and other small animals and certain plants and berries which he had to learn the hard way were good to eat. Of course, they have machines that can do all that for people here. And for the things machines can't do, there are books and the internet to help educate people on how to do them properly. And then someone who is really good at some particular thing, who also happens to be good with machines, will invent a machine which can do that for them, too. Just like magic. Buster didn't pretend to know how any of this stuff worked, he was just glad that it did.
Having reached the end of that train of thought, he came back to his original problem: he had nothing to do. He didn't even have a water bottle right now. He hadn't seen any in the fridge or anything. Useful as one can be, he hadn't needed it at all yesterday (Except for a few quick drinks here and there), so he figured he would be fine without one today as well.
He decided to take a look around the house for a while, searching drawers and cabinets just to see what was in them. He remembered a bunch of things about living in the city when he entered the bathroom. He had forgotten that medicine existed until he looked in the medicine cabinet. He had also forgotten to use his new toothbrush when he had gotten up. Oops. He was a little hesitant to brush with toothpaste because he didn't want to wash away the taste of that incredible sandwich, but he was glad he did. His mouth had never felt so minty-fresh! Not in the woods, anyhow. He decided to give society and extra half-point for that. No, forest! Keep fighting! You can win this! The game continued.
After searching around for a while and finding nothing particularly interesting, he came to the realization that there was no phone in this apartment. He remembered Rocky calling his parents at some point yesterday, but he hadn't actually seen him do it. Perhaps he had a cell phone? Or maybe he went to his neighbor's apartment and used theirs. Both options seemed just as likely to Buster, so he decided to give up thinking about it. He would ask Rocky when he came home.
Having exhausted his current plan of exploring the apartment, Buster decided to look outdoors. He opened the front door and found himself up on a... Balcony? Bridge? He had no idea what to call it, but he was up in the air and there was railing preventing people from falling off. Lining the wall were a bunch more doors like the one he had just exited, presumably the entrance to other people's apartments. To the right was the elevator the two had ridden in before, and to the right of that, a flight of stairs going down. They were facing towards the wall and were built into the railing. Directly in front of him was a parking lot with surprisingly few cars in it. Everyone else was probably at work, too. He was unable to locate Rocky's car, which confirmed his theory that Rocky was at work. Er, he wasn't here, at least. But... most likely, he was at work. That was it. He was gonna have to get used to thinking that way in case someone tried to talk to him about something like that. Buster was smart, and the things he thought about usually made perfect logical sense as far as he could tell, but he knew people who had had a tendency to call him out because something he had said wasn't worded well. Kipo was one of these people, so it wasn't as if Buster was really a rusty speaker, but he wanted to try not to embarrass himself nonetheless.
It was strangely relaxing being outdoors like this. He thought at first it must have been the fresh air, but the air here wasn't all that fresh compared to the forest. Hey! The forest is ahead by a half-point now! He wondered which of the combatants in this little game of his was the underdog.
At this point, Buster dared not leave the general area, because he would forget the apartment number for sure and get lost. So, he went back inside for the time being. Upon looking again at the clock, it appeared he had been able to waste time rather well. It was already 3:02. He wondered when Rocky would come home. For a moment, he thought about going back to the forest. Would Rocky notice he had left? But he quickly shook off that thought. After all, Rocky had left him that sandwich, hadn't he? And he probably hadn't woken Buster up this morning because he knew how tired he would have been after all that happened yesterday. In fact, he had been pretty sore from all the moving around. In the forest he would always take his time to do things, but it's very rushed in the city. No points either way for that, he thought. It was hard to say one way or another which lifestyle was “better”. He supposed that was up to the personality of the person living the lifestyle. For himself, he thought maybe the forest was a better fit, but he had only been here for a day and a half at this point. Perhaps he would decide after having another one of those delicious sandwiches...
In the end, he had ended up watching TV all day. At one point he had thought to try Rocky's computer out, but it had a password on it, so Buster couldn't even make it go to the desktop. So with nothing left to do, he had grabbed the remote and started flipping through the channels. He hadn't known previously why Rocky had told him he didn't want to watch that “Jersey” show, but after watching an episode for a while, he realized it was pretty stupid after all. As he flipped through the channels, to his surprise, he found a lot of shows that were like it. Apparently it was called “reality TV”. He found it somehow interesting to see how other people lived, but at the same time, there was always something negative going on. He figured if there was a camera on him all day, he probably wouldn't be laying around watching TV. In fact, he might have tried going outside and gotten himself lost, or showing off his power and bringing the world's unwanted attention to him. It would make for good TV though, wouldn't it?
It wasn't until the oven read 8:00 that Rocky finally came home. Buster's ears perked up as he smelled the undoubted smell of chicken coming from the plastic bag he was holding. Rocky waved at him as he set his jacket and some other small items on the table. Buster slowly got up and went to sniff the bag more closely.
“Is that... a sandwich!?” Buster asked, a bit of insanity in his voice.
Rocky laughed. “No, it's just fried chicken. Here,” he pulled a cardboard bucket out of the bag and removed the lid, revealing golden, juicy, tender little morsels. This is what Buster saw: Meat.
What followed was the mindless ripping and tearing apart of fried pieces of chicken, the likes of which would be considered a terrible tragedy to chickens all the world over. As he ate, bones seemed to fly straight from Buster's mouth and onto the plate of their own volition, and Buster's stomach seemed to be a black void of nothingness that no amount of meat could satisfy.
All Rocky could do was huddle in the corner in the fetal position, fearing for his own life as he cried silently. He should stop him! ...No. There's nothing he could do now. If he tried to stop that monster, he would be eaten, too. He called out to Rose, his girlfriend who was just now coming through the door.
“It's too dangerous! Leave me! SAVE YOURSEEEEEEELF!!!”
“Um... what are you doing?”
Rocky switched to his strange, high-pitched voice that he used only with Rose. “It's... it's Buster! Look! Look how scary he is! See?”
Rose looked at Buster, who was eating with the dignity of a three-year-old. “Scaaary,” she said sarcastically. She looked back at Rocky. “So, go save me from him!”
“What!?” He replied, still using his strange voice. “But... but he'll eat me!”
“It's okay!” She pulled Rocky up by the arms. “I won't be happy if you die, even if it's for me...” She stepped behind him. “BUT I WILL AVENGE YOUR DEATH!!” She pushed him violently towards Buster. Rocky let out a cry of horror as he fell on the floor next to Buster, who suddenly fell quiet. Rocky slowly looked up to see Buster with a bone in his mouth, his eyes wild, his fur uneven. He stayed very still so as not to provoke the monster's wrath.
“Buster!” Rose called out. “Rocky wants to steal your chicken!”
Rocky gasped. “N-No! No I don't! Eat all the chicken! I don't need any!”
Buster began growling.
“Get him, Buster! He wants to eat all the chicken!”
“Don't listen to her! It's not true!!”
Buster's eyes grew wider as his growl became more intense.
“Don't let him get away with it!”
The bone in Buster's mouth snapped in two, just like the feral instinct telling Buster to mutilate his brother.
“NO, BUSTER, NO-- AAAAHHHHH!!!!” Rocky screamed like a banshee as Buster began tickling him as if he had rabies. “ROOOSE! HELP ME!! NNOOOOOOOooooooo.........” His voice slowly died out as he collapsed to the floor. Buster placed a bone upon his head as a sign of victory. He then got up and offered a piece of chicken to Rose. She accepted it. She was now in his pack. And they would defeat any all and intruders who wished to steal their food at any time in the future. Rocky swore his revenge and promised to return with the Galactic Police next time. For now, the threat has ended...

“Seriously Buster, you sure can eat,” Rocky commented as the threesome finished eating dinner. Rose had taped a piece of paper to his forehead reading, “Galactic Police: Dunce Detective Moon-Rocky”. She would not allow him to take it off.
“I haven't had chicken in years... What do you expect?” Buster replied unabashedly. “Fish and rabbit and stuff is fine for a while, but I never tried to find things I could use as spices or anything like that.”
“So Buster, you've really been living in the forest all this time?” Rose asked.
“Uh... yeah.” Buster didn't like having this conversation. Usually the next question everyone wanted to ask is “why”. He did not like to talk about why.
Thankfully, Rocky leaned over and began whispering something in her ear. It worked.
“So... what was it like living there for so long? Rocky says you were there two years...?”
“Right. Well, it's hard to say what it was like. It's nothing like living here in the city. It was really tough at first, but once I found some shelter and made myself a few things, it started getting easier. I made a lot of stuff out of animal hide, mainly a hammock that I slept in and stuff. I had to hunt every day for food. I didn't have anything like a fridge out there, so nothing would keep for very long other than a few types of plants I could eat. I was lucky to find a huge tree hollow right next to a lake that had fish in it, although I didn't know how to cook it at first...” He suddenly stopped at this point. He looked at Rocky, who in turn looked away. “Um... Rocky brought me stuff sometimes. One time he brought me a little pot and pan. I was able to make myself a little stove using what I had on hand. Using that, I was able to cook my meat, which was great, because while I can survive on berries, and raw fish won't kill me, it's nice to have some good hot food sometimes, y'know?”
“I really can't imagine living like that,” Rose said in disbelief. “And you did that for two years?”
“You said you lived by a lake, right? But isn't stagnant water bad to drink?”
“Normally, yeah, but I just purified it...” Crap. He purified it with his power. She didn't know about that yet, and he wasn't planning to let her. Quick, an alternative...
“How did you purify it out in the wild like that? Don't they usually use machines to do that?”
“Oh, uh, er... well, you can purify water by boiling it... All the impurities float to the top.”
“Oh, really? I didn't know that.” Phew. Saved. He wasn't even sure if that was right. They taught him something like that at school years ago. Not that he ever needed to use a skill like that.
“So then, did you have to catch the fish by hand like a bear?”
You've gotta be kidding me, Buster thought to himself. “I caught them... um... sometimes by hand... sometimes I used a, uh... bucket,” Rocky had never brought him a bucket. “...which I had made out of wood.”
Rocky gave a knowing look to Buster and leaned over to whisper something in Rose's ear again. Buster heard her ask Rocky a quick “why?”, but somehow Rocky was able to provide her with a satisfying answer, and she dropped the subject.
“Well... It can actually be pretty fun once you know what you're doing. Only your imagination and the materials at hand are limiting you,” said Buster.
“That's why I thought he might like Minecraft,” Rocky replied. “It's pretty much the same thing. Just, it's a game for us city folk who don't wanna take any actual risks. Right?”
“Uh, sure,” Buster said, feeling a little insulted for reasons even he couldn't comprehend. “By the way, I tried to look at your computer today, but it had a password. Can you tell me it?”
“Oh, yeah. Come over here and I'll show it to you.”
The three of them got up and went to the computer. Rocky was quiet for a few moments after sitting down. “So, um... it's kind of embarrassing, so...” Rocky whispered the password in Buster's ear.
“...What??” Buster exclaimed. Rose giggled. Buster typed it in and the computer granted him access. “Seriously!?”
Rocky blushed. “Well... it's true!” Rose hugged him from behind.
“Aw... geez... I feel like I could barf! Oh, boy...” Buster imitated the sound of barfing at the obscene cuteness of the password.
“Oh, come on, it isn't that bad,” Rose protested jokingly.
“How is it not that bad!? What would it take for it to be that bad!?”
“I dunno, maybe... 'Sexy Lady Poodle Cutie' or something?” Buster began fake-barfing again.
Rocky switched to his high-pitched voice. “But you not a poodles!”
“I know, but it's for the sake of the bad password, sweetie.”
“That sentence would be so random if you took it out of context,” Buster pointed out.
“So? What is that supposed to mean?” Rose retorted.
“Nothing, just, it would be funny if you took it out of context!”
“And why would I want to take it out of context?”
“Because it would be funny!”
“Well, at least I'm not a picnic basket...” Rocky muttered under his breath, still in his 'cute mode'.
“”What?”” Buster and Rose asked in unison.
“Er... It's from a game...” Rocky let out an awkward laugh and scratched at the back of his neck. “Anyway, what should we build next in Minecraft?” Buster and Rose had been so focused on their banter that they hadn't noticed Rocky starting up the game.
“Uh...” said Buster.
“I dunno,” Rose finished.
Rocky sighed.

The night continued in this manner until Rose had to be taken home by Rocky. As soon as the two of them left, Buster found himself very tired. He went to bed soon after; But not before eating one last piece of fried chicken.
Buster's Adventures 3 - A Day Alone
Please note that some formatting has been lost due to deviantART not being friendly towards writers. If you don't mind the way it's presented using dA's options, great! If you would like to see the original text with formatting intact, please read the story on my FictionPress account here:…
The next morning, Buster was awoken by a somewhat loud slamming noise. He began panicking for a second at his surroundings before realizing that he was in Rocky's apartment. No, that wasn't right. The apartment was both of theirs now.
The sound of footsteps down the hallway registered in Buster's ears for the first time since waking up, and he suddenly became wary again, only to once again realize that it must be only his brother. The door to his room opened suddenly, shocking him into an upright position. Rocky poked his head into the doorway.
“Man, you're still in bed?” Rocky asked incredulously. “It's already three o'clock!”
“Time means nothing to me, remember? All I know is dawn, dusk, day and night,” Buster replied, still recovering from his earlier shock.
“Well, you're going to have to get used to using clocks again if you're gonna live in society. Some people are very exact about timing. I know, it's weird.”
“Society in general is weird...”
“True. Anyway, hurry and get up, take a shower or whatever. I'm taking you into town today to buy you some new clothes and stuff.”
“Oh. Okay.”
Buster got up hurriedly as Rocky closed the door and left. Excitement once again flooded his veins; it had been forever since he had been in a store. After being in that loud restaurant and talking with his family all night, Buster had already started to remember what it was like living in society. With that in mind, he was eager to see how much had changed over the years and what kinds of people and things he would get to see.
Perhaps more out of habit than of thinking it over, Buster stripped down right there in his room and used his ability to vigorously rinse himself down with water from a bottle Rocky had left for him last night. When he had finished, both he and the floor of the apartment were soaking wet. It was okay, though; Buster used his ability to both dry himself and the floor, leaving it completely spotless, while the water hung in the air in a shapeless, rippling mass. He then opened the window and used his ability once again to purify the water instantaneously, letting the dirt and other impurities fall to the bushes below. He then replaced the water back in the bottle, as clean and clear as could be.
This whole process had been relatively soundless, so when Buster walked into the living room looking perfectly clean and ready to go, Rocky was caught off guard. Buster didn't notice this reaction, however.
“Alright. Let's go,” he said with a smile. Rocky gaped at him for a moment before speaking.
“Uh... Did you already shower today?” he asked, very confused.
“No, I did it in my room just... now...” Just then, Buster remembered that people use actual showers, like in a bathroom, to clean up in society. “Oh... well, you know, I don't need to use that kind of shower.” He held up with bottle of water and shook it about, feeling somewhat proud of himself. Being able to wash off so quickly was one of the things he had enjoyed about living in the forest.
“In your room!?” Rocky exclaimed. “Please tell me you didn't leave the floor wet! It'll drip into the neighbors' house!”
Buster hesitated at this sudden outburst. “Uh... Uh... No, I, um... dried it all up.” He held up the water bottle again to let Rocky see that it was full. “All of it.” As soon as Rocky had registered that he had in fact dried it up (Although he couldn't help but do a quick check of the room to make sure), Buster began taking a drink from the water bottle. Rocky gaped once again.
“Um, Buster... Didn't you just use that water to shower yourself off?”
“Yeah. And?”
“So isn't it full of dirt and sweat?”
“Oh, no. I got rid of that stuff. Threw it in the bushes out the window.”
Rocky just stared for a moment longer before speaking: “Your power never ceases to amaze me.”
For some reason unknown even to himself, this made Buster begin to blush. He looked down as he said, “Thanks... I guess.”

Upon entering Walmart, Buster felt a sense of wonderment. Everywhere he looked, he saw people. So many people! A young human girl in a skirt walking with her mother. A group of dog-furry teenagers in baggy clothes loitering around the electronics. Another human girl on a cell phone-- Whoa, she was hardly wearing anything! Nobody seemed to notice, though. Has this become normal? Not even Rocky was making note of it, so it must have...
The two of them reached the men's clothing section and began looking through the selections.
“First things first,” said Rocky as he sifted through some T-shirts, “we have to find out your size. I already checked your clothes last night, and all the tags were way too faded to read. Go try these on over there-” he threw a couple of blank shirts toward Buster and then gestured to a small building behind him, “- and let me know how they fit.”
Buster did as he was told and found himself in front of an area labeled “FITTING ROOMS”. He began to enter when an aged, female attendant stopped him.
“How many items today?” She asked. Buster held up his shirts as a confused answer. “Alright. Go ahead into this one.” The attendant opened up a door and hung a number on the outside handle. Buster entered without another word, too confused as to why an attendant needed to be here in the first place. Forget about why she needed to know how many things he had.
He gave his head a light shake in order to dispel his thoughts and focus on the task at hand. The first of the shirts was a rather tight fit that Buster didn't mind, but the second hung much more naturally off of his body, which he found to be very comfortable. The shirts he had worn for years in the forest might as well have been made of sandpaper compared to this. He probably would have forgotten to change back into his regular clothes if it weren't for the price tag digging into his skin whenever he twisted even a little bit.
He returned to Rocky and let him know about his findings.
“Alright, then you're a large,” he said, putting the tight-fitting shirt back onto a hanger and from there onto a rack. “Just find whatever design that looks cool to you with the big 'L' on it here on the tag. Go ahead and get, maybe, five. We'll go from there.”

After a few hours of finding new clothes for Buster, including shirts, jeans, new shoes and even a blue hat that Buster had take a liking to, the pair had then gone and found some other personal items for him, such as a toothbrush and a small digital clock for his room. As they were headed to the front of the store to purchase the many items, a glint caught Buster's eye in his peripheral vision. He stopped and turned to see a glass counter with dozens of small, shiny objects in them, such as necklaces and rings. Rocky noticed when Buster had stopped walking and come back to see what was the matter.
“That's the jewelery counter,” Rocky explained. “I don't think mom and dad would want me buying any of that stuff on their credit card, but... did you see something you like?”
Buster simply pointed into the world of the glass, his eyes trained on the blue glint that had caught his eye. “That one,” he said quietly.
There, in the corner of the display, almost completely hidden behind other, more extravagant objects, hung a simple pendant. The chain was made of fake silver (Which Rocky explained was just some sort of highly-polished metal) and seemed like it would fit around Buster's neck perfectly. The pendant itself was blue, glistening in the light just like it naturally would have if it were real; the shape of a small water droplet.
Even Rocky had to stare in awe for a while upon seeing it. The girl at the counter asked if they would like to see that one and Rocky said that yes, they would like to see it. Rocky fastened the pendant around Buster's neck and straightened it out so that it hung loosely but securely around his neck. He stepped back and looked at Buster closely. “It's a perfect fit.” He turned and looked towards the girl at the counter. “How much is that one?”
“We'll take it.”

Rocky stopped at the brother's parents' house on the way home to “return their credit card to them”. Buster had forgotten what exactly that meant, but he knew enough to realize that it meant his parents had payed for the $312.76 purchase earlier in the day. Buster didn't have to guess why they weren't eating out for lunch today. If Buster knew anything about his father, Rocky would most likely be expected to pay at least part of that amount back to him. He grasped the pendant around his neck, feeling a new surge of gratitude towards his brother, and decided to thank him again for his kindness once he got back into the car for the ride home.
The ride itself turned out to be uneventful. It was already dusk by the time Rocky and Buster arrived back at the apartment complex, and all of the running around a trying on clothes had tired them both out. They decided to spend the rest of the day showing Buster that game Rocky had mentioned before, Minecraft, which Buster thought must have gotten its ideas from his life in the forest, at least in some ways.
However, before they had gotten very far into their play session, a knock came at the front door. Rocky immediately paused the game and went to answer it. Buster couldn't see who it was from his vantage point, but the person must have been friendly. Rocky reached out and hugged the person tightly, speaking in a strange voice he had never heard his brother use before. After what seemed like a very long time of speaking in this abnormal voice, Rocky stepped back and closed the door, revealing a white dog-furry girl with floppy, curved ears who smiled warmly at Buster upon seeing him.
“Buster, I want you to meet Rose. She's, uh... my fiancé.” He paused for a moment, letting what he had just said sink in. He turned to the girl. “Rose, Buster.”
Rose spoke up now, “Hello, Buster. It's nice to meet you. I'm going to be marrying Rocky this September.” She hugged Rocky around the neck and kissed his cheek as if to make sure Buster understood the relationship.
“Whoa... um, wow...” Buster began. He wasn't sure what to say, so he simply remained silent.
“Is that okay?” Rose said with a small laugh.
“Oh...” Buster wasn't sure how to take this news. Rose didn't seem like a bad girl and if Rocky loved her, she surely couldn't be a bad person. After all, he's always been a very pure individual, even not according to the standards of society at large. At least she wasn't half-naked like the girls at Walmart earlier. She was dressed in a tie-dye T-shirt and a long skirt, a modest, but fitting, outfit.
All of these thoughts took only about a second to process. “Y-Yeah, okay. I'm... kind of surprised I didn't hear about this sooner, actually,” he said with a slight laugh of his own.
“Sorry,” Rocky said. “I never really found a good opportunity to tell you. At least you know why my visits started becoming less frequent all of a sudden, right?”
The situation had suddenly become somewhat awkward, with everyone giving small laughs with every sentence, throwing in jokes every other line in an attempt to lighten the mood. Eventually, Buster was the one who thought to change the subject.
“So, Rocky was just showing me this game here...”
“Oh, Minecraft!” Rose exclaimed. “Did you start building that pirate ship yet, Rocky?”
“No, not yet,” Rocky responded. “I started a new world to show Buster how it worked.”
“Oh, what have you done so far? Anything cool?”
“Well, I started on this really cool mine...”
The two went back to the computer, excitedly exchanging ideas for how to furnish the small temporary cave that Rocky had built for his character to live in. Buster watched, still interested, but more preoccupied with the relationship between his brother and this new girl. As he observed, he saw them exchanging kisses on the lips, lightly caressing each other, each telling the other that they loved each other. It seemed to be no big deal, the usual thing, for them, but every new thing Buster saw was a very big deal to him. It wasn't until Rocky started demolishing an in-game structure dedicated to Buster, which he had apparently forgotten was for Buster in the first place, did he realize that he was more or less being ignored.
In his own separate place in his thoughts, Buster thought about how alone he felt living in the woods for two years. Forget about girls; there wasn't a soul besides himself living out there. Even the occasional visits from the eccentric Kipo couldn't tide him over for very long most days. It was extremely lonely out in the woods, and he was just realizing how lonely it truly was. But it was only then that Buster remembered that, even when surrounded by thousands of other people, one could feel truly alone.
That night, the recurring nightmare where he destroyed his school and everyone in it haunted him in his sleep, returning to him for the first time since he had left to live in the woods years ago.
Buster's Adventures 2 - The First Day
Please note that some formatting has been lost due to deviantART not being friendly towards writers. If you don't mind the way it's presented using dA's options, great! If you would like to see the original text with formatting intact, please read the story on my FictionPress account here:…

No author's notes beyond that this time!
I know I've all but abandoned my dA account at this point, but I had to stop by today to get rid of some old stories... Namely, the first two chapters of "Selos Freedom Fighters" and the short story, "The Yielded".

I'm doing this because of a few reasons:
1. I'm going to re-write the story from scratch. In my mind, I see it sort of as a "reboot" of the series rather than just a slightly different sequel to the short story.
2. I never liked having the very first story I've ever seriously written be part of the canon. Since it's the first world and set of characters I've ever created, I hold this story pretty close to my heart. I want to give it the touch-ups it deserves (I originally wrote the short story in my second year of high school, and it had a lot of silly mistakes).
3. I'm finally going to hunker down and try to complete a novel-length story. When I finish it, I fully intend to get it published ASAP. 
3a. That said, I'm not sure it would be a good idea to post the whole thing online for free... So I won't be uploading the new version here (Nor at FictionPress. Sorry! Hey, if I do get published, I'll try to send you a free copy! xD).

So that's about it. If and when I get Selos Freedom fighters published, I'll probably resume work on Terra the Ghost Girl. Unless the book becomes a megahit, and I'm practically forced to write the nest Selos novel immediately, but let's forget I said that, I need to keep my head out of the clouds. :p I'm not expecting to be the next Twilight or Hunger Games, I'd just like to make a living by doing something I love! :3

Thanks for reading. I've got myself scheduled to make sure I write some of the story daily, so I hope I can finish it quickly. :)
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I really liked Stick Adventure. There were several lines in it that made me chuckle, and it was fun to play through. I actually wasn't as interested in Umbrage, but it was still cool. ^_^ Definitely let me know when you have more demos done!
Busterthefox Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:D I actually just got done applying a huge update to Stick Adventure (because I'm gonna record a video of it soon, so I wanted it to be at its best). That'll be online very soon! Yeah, there's still not a lot done on Umbrage. It'll probably seem more interesting once I get more of the story in it and you can access more Abilities.
Did you play them online, or did you install Stagecast? :3
Arrowfoot Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
Online. And yeah, I feel like when you're so limited on graphics, the story/dialogue is what really makes the game come alive. Stick Adventure sort of poked fun at itself and its characters, while Umbrage was pretty much, "Here's what happened, now go fight some monsters." But glad to hear there's an update to Stick Adventure on the way! I shall await it eagerly. ^_^
Busterthefox Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, I'm not totally limited on graphics, I just suck at it entirely, so I stick with stick people most of the time. xp

Yeah, the humor is one of the staples of the Stick Adventure games. Umbrage, on the other hand, takes itself very seriously. There may be a joke here and there, but all the usual kind of serious-fantasy humor where it's actually not all that funny. Lol.

By the way, update's done:
I tested it thoroughly to make sure it all worked. Please let me know if you find any bugs in it, though!
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Arrowfoot Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
Hey, I know I haven't been on here much. But I happened to pop on and see that it's your birthday today, at least as far as deviantArt is concerned. So happy birthday! ^_^ 
Busterthefox Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yup, I have my birthday properly set up here. xD Thank you!
waveguidemarshtomp Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
Hi Buster! I've seen you commenting a lot on Arrowfoot's work, and I wondered if you remember me. ^-^ I don't think we talked to each other much back at Poketto, though.
Busterthefox Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I remember! Back then you used to be waveguidesquirtle. XD Weren't you the admin there?
waveguidemarshtomp Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
Yep! It's been a while! :D
xSukai Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011
Happy Christmas Eve and Happy Christmas, Buster! I hope you have a good one.
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