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Neter Region Map by Busterthefox Neter Region Map by Busterthefox
*Phew*, I'm so glad dA accepts .bmp images! Seems like of all the formats dA might not accept, it would be .bmp. BUT, looks like it does, yay~! If the map is kinda hard to read, click on the image and it should enlarge. :3

Without further ado, here are some descriptions of the different locations!

NORTHWIND TOWN is your typical beginning town, like Pallet and New Bark and Twinleaf and all that jazz. It's a small rural town, named for the constant north wind that always starts here and blows throughout the Neter region from there (No Suicune reference here, I swear). one of my original characters, Professor Redwood, lives here. He studies the unique aspects of "Baby" Pokémon. Most of my Fakemon (not to be included in any of my fanfics) evolve into other official Pokemon, so this is kind of more relevant in that light, I think.

NEOLIGHT CITY is a larger town than most. In game terms again, it's comparable to Cherrygrove City or Jubilife citty in that it's the second town you come to, but there's still nothing very interesting there (I know, Jubilife has the GTS, you could say Sandgem town, too, but that has Professor Rowan. Oldale Town and Cherrygrove are pretty small. I think Accumula Town in Black and White is the best thing to compare it to). It has a Pokemon Center and a Mart, a few houses and other things. Despite not having a lot of attractions, it's a rather large city, even if it is a nice, quiet place. That's what draws so many people to it; they enjoy how peaceful it is.

SOFTGLO CITY isn't as large as either of the surrounding cities, but it's notable in that it houses the Neter region's "first" (In game terms, once again) Gym. This gym has my favorite OC leader running it (although I won't say anything so I don't spoil any fanfic you may be reading). This gym differentiates itself by not running with a single type, but with the concept of artistry. The gym leader's Pokemon help him/her with his/her hobby of art. hand-made murals cover the inside of the gym's walls.
The name for this town could be referring to a number of things; it could be either the fact that it's a small yet developing city, or perhaps it's because of the fact that the glow of Neolight City and Sciophy Metropolis can be seen glowing throughout the night even when this quiet town has all but gone to sleep.

SCIOPHY METROPOLIS (Pronounced: SHOW-fee) is bar none the largest civilized area in the entire Neter region. It has many notable establishments, such as the Sciophy Stadium where tournaments are held regularly, the Neter region's largest Pokemon Center (Think Japanese Crystal version's Goldenrod or FireRed/LeafGreen's One Island), and a large department store, among hundreds of other small establishments.
(Namesake: Social and Fire. SocialFire City sounded really weird, so I changed it to something more original. xD)

SEAVIEW PORT (Just noticed I misspelled "view" on the actual map, never been good with those "ie" and "ei" words) is a town almost to be taken at face value. It's a port town that is the center of trade between the Neter region and the many other regions around the world. As you can see on the map, the Neter region is located above Sinnoh. Regular people take ferries here often to the Sinnoh region, docking in Snowpoint City. This location was mainly inspired by the Orre region's Gateon Port in Pokemon Colosseum/XD:GoD. It's probably my second favorite Orre Region location right behind Phenac City. ^_^

HUMBEST VILLAGE is a very small country town nestled in the rough mountainous region of Neter. Despite it being very tiny and not even having a Pokemon Center or a proper mart, trainers pass through here often in preference to the tough nearby mountain passage they would otherwise have to traverse (See the map to see what I mean). Very comparable to the Sinnoh region's Celestic Town.

CHRONODUST TOWN is an old mining town located far out in the northern desert region of Neter. Although the mines themselves aren't active anymore, you can still feel the rustic history of the town. The roads are made of heavily-trodden dirt, and the many surviving buildings from the old days lends to it's very old-western vibe. The only other gym leader I currently have runs his/her gym here alongside his/her Ground-Type Pokemon (Very similar to Clay at first, but this gym leader's character is very different, don't worry).

PALMSPRING TOWN is another city located is a northern Neter region desert. The city is built on top of an oasis (Like Orre's Phenac, although the two cities differ exponentially) and is known for its packed marketplace out in the streets, full of peddlers and tiny businesses. If you're looking for a rare item, this town is your best bet, but you have to be careful of the dishonest peddlers selling fakes in order to make a quick buck. Inspired by the classic images I think most Americans have about old middle-eastern countries; Think Aladdin. :p The name also comes from Palm Springs California, where some of my family lives and I also happen to live close by to, but forget about that now so that you don't think of it every time the place is referenced. Or so that you don't start to think that Palm Springs CA is like a 3rd world middle eastern nation. xD

METALITE CAVES is quite the unique community. A town build completely underground in a complex cave system, the only way to enter or exit is through the large cave opening in front, which is full of wild Pokemon. The town hasn't seen any natural daylight since its inception and is lit completely by artificial light sources. The power comes from a generator system as well as natural energy gained from the underground river that flows through the town.

RIDDOR VISTA is a diverse community filled with people from all walks of life, from the poor and homeless to the working class with decent houses to the posh, wealthy community of well-off business owners and such. Located on a cliff overlooking a beautiful view of the ocean, the areas closer to the edge of town houses the rich and wealthy while the further inland you go, the worse off conditions seem to get...
(Namesake: I literally just smashed together the words rich, middle and poor. Riddor! I can't tell if that's creative or just plain dumb, haha)

VICTORIA -- How do I explain this one? It's sort of like all of the awesome battle arenas scattered throught all of the games rolled up into one. Like a Battle Frontier, only built into a legitimate town. Or rather, a town built into a battle frontier. The name is a clear play on the word "Victory" and is the go-to place for powerful trainers in the Neter region, aside from the Pokémon League itself, to go for a good challenge. I'm still debating whether or not I want a gym here, isn't that weird? :D

SHIPAGE CITY is a town built on an isolated island across a small sea. I didn't realize JUST how similar this town was to Hoenn's Mosdeep City until it was already said and done; I even plan to have the eighth gym leader here. It really works with the game-style progression I kinda have mapped out for it. Anyway, it's more of a fishing town than anything, despite any similarities it might have with other towns. Since it might not be too obvious, I just wanna point out that the name of this town is one of those "Two words put together" town, like Seaveiw and Neolight. The words are SHIP and AGE. Shipage City. Get it? :D Hopefully that gives the impression of "fishing boats" and "sea men" more than whatever you thought it was. Hopefully, you read it right the first time, though! I think it's kind of like floaroma town or hearthome city. I didn't read those right the first few times I played through the Sinnoh Region games, so I never understood exactly what the names meant. I still don't get Lacunosa, Virbank, Humilau and many other Unova cities... Hmm. I miss the good 'ol days when the towns were named after colors and flowers. Too bad 3rd gen got rid of those naming consistencies... Although I guess it made it easier for fans like me to think up original names for cities, haha.

Finally, we have Victory Road and the Pokémon League. The League speaks for itself, but I like the think that my Victory Road is pretty original. Although the VRs in the Unova games (Specifically Black 2 and White 2) are really cool (Dude, White 2's Victory Road was more like going through a normal route that just takes a lot of HM moves! I love it!), I like to think that mine has a bit of original flair. The first hurdle is the Sea route. Since it's a victory road, rest assured it won't be filled with a bunch of annoying and weak swimmers (how do they get all the way out there, anyway? Do even Olympic swimmers have that much stamina? I'm looking at you, sea routes between Pallet and Cinnabar and Olivine and Cianwood). Anyway, yeah. That's not a huge deal. But then, the second half of Neter's victory road cuts straight through a volcano. If that's not a good test for trainers hoping to challenge the elite four, I don't know what is anymore.

Well, that about wraps up my descriptions. Although, some of you may be curious about the small strip of land in between Victoria and Riddor Vista there in the south-eastern part of the region. I haven't thought of a name for that area yet, but as the map implies, the center is a craggy, slightly-mountainous area. On either side of that are very small seas with beaches lining them. Despite them being seas, they generate some rather large waves, making them popular surfing spots as well as a place of choice to train Water-Type Pokémon (Not to mention all the Rock and Ground Types in the mountainous area).

Whew! That took a lot longer than expected. In all, I tried to keep my region original while honoring other cities and locations in the series. I'm a bit surprised at myself for being able to create a region like this, though! I haven't, like, fleshed out the routes or anything, but I have a lot of other little areas not listed on the map, as well as plenty of cities that I find are pretty interesting places. I hope you enjoy my region's locations as you read through State of Panic later on!
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waveguidemarshtomp Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013
Yay, a map! For some reason, I find maps fun. =P Anyways, lots of interesting locales in Neter. Especially Metallite Caves, Chronodust Town, Palmspring Town, and Riddor Vista. I'd love to see how they look in a game! Heheh, Palmspring Town is so different from Palm Springs! I've been there long, long ago. Isn't it like a resort town? I thought Riddor Vista was a creative name. I doubt that I would've figured out its etymology if you hadn't pointed it out. And I really like your idea for the two-part Victory Road. It's definitely a good test for the League.

Haha, Hearthome tripped me up a bit at first too! And Unova's cities are named after types of clouds in English.
Busterthefox Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, Metalite Caves was one of my favorite ideas there, too. :D Not every day you see an underground city. Although I'll admit it's not completely unheard of. Although it's mostly seen in fantasy situations. You know, like where the dwarves live or whatever? :p Chronodust Town just has the most epic name, though. Definitely the one town I've fleshed out the most in my mind thanks to it being a key locale in my fic. I like Palmspring town a lot, too, and yes, the actual Palm Springs is a resort area. Kind of less of an oasis than it's made out to be, though. Haha! It's freakin' HOT there, and, well, there ain't no water. Well... There's a water park, but that's technically in the next town over, Desert Hot Springs. Easily mixed up, though. Haha!

When I was thinking up the concept for Riddor, I kept on thinking about Final Fantasy VII. Like, how the area your character starts in is divided into a bunch of sections and as you get into the higher sectors, the quality of life gets worse and worse. And then in sector 1, there's all the corporate buildings and stuff where the big-wigs who control the whole thing live with nice cars and stuff like that. Same general concept, the rich people get the nice ocean view, the poor get shoved inland.

I wanted to make a Pokémon fan game, but the battle system is rather unsurprisingly difficult to recreate. Even the old school Red and Blue stuff when there were no abilities or hold items or Dark/Steel Types. Actually, if I copied Red and Blue, it would be made, like, 1000% easier. Since Hold Items and whether effects are two of the big things, as well as Abilities. It's all about keeping everything organized and happening in the order it needs to happen it, but that's the hard part. Yet, if I made it in the Red/Blue style, anyone who played the game would be all like, "Dude". Haha! I guess all those haters who only like first gen would enjoy it, though, even though I would include my Fakemon in the game, which evolve into official Pokémon from beyond 1st gen...

I think I could very easily make a little game where you could walk through the region. Yeah, map systems are easy for me. I could make some maps and let the character walk around on them... Add a few NPCs to talk to... Maybe build a game onto that later. I've always wanted to build a few routes.
waveguidemarshtomp Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
Haha, the people living in Metalite Caves might have a problem with Vitamin D deprivation. Or whatever the vitamin it is that comes from exposure to sunlight. =P But yeah, underground cities aren't a common thing, especially with humans. From what I remember, Palm Springs was scorching! Sounds like it's just desert land that's been developed. You would think Californians are used to hot weather, but still. Lots of complaints about heat.

Oh, I see. I'm not well-versed in Final Fantasy locations or lore. So I was kinda reminded of Meltokio from Tales of Symphonia, with its rich-people area and its slums.

I bet it is! Haha, I guess I'd be all like, "Dude." Abilities are like my favorite thing. And oh man, those annoying genwunners. >_<

Creating a new map system sounds like a pretty useful thing to know in making RPGs. I don't remember if you talked about this before, but have you tried hacking?
Busterthefox Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I'd imagine they're all really pale. xD And probably have really sensitive eyes, too. It'd be good for them to go out to the surface every once in a while. Too bad it's not so easy for them, though, since they have to go through a cave filled with wild Pokemon to get out at all...

Actually, California is more known for having pretty good whether that's kinda in between hot and cold. Although the whether where I live has been insane lately. It got to something like 25 degress last Winter, but gets up to... Um... 105 I think it was, last Summer. We all blame global warming. xD Haha!

Well, I didn't really have that place in mind when I thought up the town (I was thinking more along the lines of the resort area in Sinnoh that you can get to Sunnyshore City from). But yeah, that's the same basic concept. Except there's a very distict middle-class sort of area that isn't really there in Meltokio.

I'll spare you the details of why it's so hard. Mainly just random little things, like making STAB only work when it's supposed to, making Abilities trigger at the right time, making whether effects happen and not affect certain Pokemon, capture mechanics, crazy moves like Perish Song and Sky Drop... EVs and IVs... Yeah.
If there's any one "newer" feature I'd like to have in a fan game, it would be Abilities. It would be fun to think up new ones. Nintendo isn't very good at that. They have a lot of doubles. xD Reshiram/Zekrom's abilities both do the same thing as Mold Breaker, for instance...

I already have a really awesome map system, actually. That's why I think I might just make that little Neter Region exploration game. xD I recently thought up a bunch more stuff, like Gym Leaders and what towns they're in and all that, so I could make it progress like the usual game would, even.
I made a little Blue version hack once called "Intruder Alert". I basically made an edit to the title screen (So that it said "Intruder Alert!" under the Blue Version logo, you see) and then edited most of the text to make it funny (I managed to change the premise from the boring usual "starting your journey" thing to being tasked to fill the Pokedex as punishment for intruding in Oak's lab. Oh, and Gary intruded too, he's not Oak's grandson anymore, he's just a rival intruder)... I also made Golem, Machamp, Gengar and Alakazam appear rarely in the wild somewhere, but I have no clue where it was. So... technically, yes, I've tried hacking before. xD But I always used tools and stuff and I never really tried editing HEX values or anything like that. I also never edited any maps... Maybe GBA hacking would be somewhat easier to do...? If I could re-make my region in a Gen 3 game, that would be pretty cool. Although we HAVE talked before about how annoying it is to not have custom cries for Fakemon in hacks...
waveguidemarshtomp Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
City of vampires! Non-sparkly version.

Yeah, I lived in California all my life, up until almost two years ago. Summer, though. Ugh! At least it's usually not too humid. I really appreciate California weather though, especially after moving to Colorado, where the weather is very fickle. And winters are freezing. D:

I love all the little things in Pokémon! Makes it quite a bit more complex. It's impressive that all those can be made to work in tandem. Oh, the doubles on Abilities... I guess it gives different Pokémon access to the same abilities even if they're vastly different? But yeah, there could definitely be more.

Oh man! My brother did that text editing thing once for FireRed, just for kicks. Haha, silly stuff! He wanted to get into hacking, but we couldn't figure it out. We even made a map and a barebones story or whatever you'd call it. But yeah, "Intruder Alert" sounds pretty cool! It's like what Silver's adventure would be if he got caught. Plus a rival thief. :P
Busterthefox Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
State of Panic: Stilla better love story than Twilight. x3

Whether in general. If it could only just always be a decent temperature... But then we wouldn't have ovens, which would mean no pizza. >_> Fine. I'm willing to trade my general comfort for pizza. Haha! PIZZA THAT WAVEGUIDELUGIA WON'T PAY FOR!!! XD

I agree, that complexity that most people don't realize the games have is what I love about them. If there was no battle system, I wouldn't be a fan of the series. Collecting and trading is fun, but when you mix it together with NO ONLY battles, but really complex battles... THAT'S what truly makes the series so fun for me. They even went so far as to insert a metagame, even in Red and Blue!

I think you can find Intruder Alert on the PokeCommunity... That's where I was posting about it. Better yet, I'll be posting a link to it on my blog eventually. Haha! Emphasis on "eventually". I have so many hobby projects going on lately! :D Luckily work has FINALLY been letting up recently...
waveguidemarshtomp Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013

I blame climate change for making the weather more extreme. >_< Hahaha, oh that lugia. I'm gonna have to make that a thing, won't I?

Yeah, the strategy required for the metagame is crazy! Prediction, man. I doubt I'm anywhere near the skill level of the people who do that stuff.

Oh? Strange that I started going back to PC this year after what? Four years of absence or so? Hobby projects! I'd love to have the time for that. At least work's letting up for someone! ^-^
Busterthefox Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Seriously though, I might have some romance in the story... Haha.

Maybe. Next time, he'll take them to a restaurant and then tell them they have to pay at the end. Haha!

Things can be pretty easy to predict once you've played for a while. A lot of the same Pokemon are used a lot. It's not always hard to remember what Pokemon do what.

I used to find PC topics a lot when I used to actively search out Pokemon hacks. That's what made me want to try my own. So I ended up just posting about it there because I didn't know where else I would... Haha. Only a few people found it, and they were all ravenous for me to edit the maps. xD I'm sure the topic is still around in there somewhere... I'll bet you could find it if you searched.

Everyone would love time for hobby projects.
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